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Founder - Cassandra Golden

Founder - Cassandra Golden

A Letter From Our Founder


"Marvelous Minds Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that I started to help and provide special needs kids in the community with assistance in areas of education and personal development. Growing up in a big family and watching my mom run a daycare, I was destined to work with kids. I began school majoring in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Helping children has always been a passion for me. I just want to educate and share whatever knowledge that I can with them. Throughout my experiences with the children whether through a personal or professional gateway,Ive learned that there are many children that lack the resources and extra push needed to perform to their full potential.  Marvelous Minds was founded as a result of a vision to be able to positively influence and educate special needs children in whatever way possible. As we know, special needs is not just inclusive of children with learning disabilities. "Gifted" children are included in that category as well as they are rarely challenged enough to maintain their engagement and effective learning styles. We want to provide free after-school assistance with curriculum and a mentor-ship program that pairs kids with a buddy that will offer advice and be an effective role model while steering them towards a life of fulfillment."

-Cassandra Golden


Marvelous Minds

982 Jordan Street

Shreveport, Louisiana